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Do you have questions about Crank Yankers Racing?  Do you want to learn how to become a drive for the team?  You have come to the right place to find out how we operate our racing team.

What requirements do I need to drive for Crank Yankers Racing?

We require that you have experience in wheel-to-wheel (W-T-W) racing before getting in our team cars.  You can also join us at track days to learn the car and see how your driving is if you do not have any wheel-to-wheel experience.  We also require you to have your own safety gear which includes SFI rated suit, gloves, shoes, HANS (or equivalent), and a SA rated helmet with a 2015 date code.  We run a cool suit so we do expect drivers to use it for safety precautions.  We have one extra shirt to use if needed.

Alright I have W-T-W experience and the gear, what's next?

We spend a lot of time and money to get the car ready for the race, so we do require drivers to look over a contract that we have written up.  This makes sure the team and the rental driver are on the same page and understand what is expected.  To sum things up, if an item breaks on track then who pays for it and what if the car does not show up prepared?  These burning questions are all answered here in our contract.

I am ready to come race with you!  What seats are available?

Check out our schedule here to see what seats we have open and email us here or on the Contact page if you want more information.  While you wait for a quick response from us familiarize yourself with the Rules for ChampCar Endurance Series here.

Double Win Weekend!

Winners at Laguna with 3 Rental Drivers!

Getting ready for the COTA experience!

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